College Mission: Seeking School kindergarten to the preparation of Kindergarten Teacher distinct highly efficient in dealing with the child, and prepared with a comprehensive and integrated through educational programs achieve comprehensive and sustainable development for her and not a parameter to a high degree of awareness and education in the specialty of Childhood Studies, stretching a total including the role of the parameter towards adapting the results of scientific research in the problems and areas of community service and in the light of national and international standards. College Vision​: Looks Faculty of Kindergarten - University of Alexandria to be a center and a monument scientific excellence in the areas of childhood studies to meet the needs of the children of Egypt and the dissemination of knowledge in the community to upgrade it civilized in the field of childhood, also supports the idea that all children are able to learn to keep pace with international standards in all its programs and activities through quality standards and accreditation​. Objectives of the College​: Aimed at the Faculty of kindergarten to the University of Alexandria: 1 - Excellence in teaching and scientific research in all branches childhood Magazines 2 - Preparation of kindergarten teacher self-confident, which has the knowledge and capable of decision-making and facilitate the learning process 3 - Provide academic courses to assist in the dissemination of scientific research 4 - diversity in education programs, which keep pace with modern development 5 - the best choice for students to raise the level of graduates 6 - Provide a variety of programs for the child's ordinary and extraordinary, and language programs