Dean of the Faculty of Kindergarten​ tracking devices:- Department of Basic Sciences. Department of Educational Sciences. Dean's Office. Investigation Section. Citizens Service Section. Public Relations Department. Center for Information Technology Systems. Quality Assurance Unit​. Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs​ tracking devices:- ​Office of the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs. Department of printing and copying. Department of Youth Welfare. Department of Educational Affairs. Field Training Section. Secretary of the college tracking devices:- Department of Financial Affairs. Department of Administrative Affairs. Department of Public Affairs. Purchasing and Stores Department​. Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research tracking devices:- ​Office of the Deputy Dean for Graduate Studies and Research. Department of Graduate Studies. Department of Cultural Relations. Library. Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development​ tracking devices:- ​Department of Community Service and Environmental Development. Department of conferences and seminars. Department of Technical Affairs.