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Faculty of Education for Early Childhood Organizes a Solidarity Event in Celebration of the World Autism Awareness Day Faculty of Education for Early Childhood Organizes...

Under the auspices of Prof. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, on Friday April 2nd, 2021, the Faculty of Education for Early Chi [ ... ]

A visit to the Measurement and Evaluation Center o...

Under the patronage of Prof. Abdel Aziz Kansoua, President of Alexandria University, and Professor Hisham Gaber, the Vice President of Alexandria Univ [ ... ]

The faculty of Early Childhood Education announces...

The Department of Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Early Childhood Education, Alexandria University announced that it has been decided to extend the p [ ... ]

Dean's Word

The Faculty of Education For Early Childhood at Alexandria University is securing a place among distinguished colleges and occupies its deserved place as one of the most important colleges that contribute to the graduation of an important product that society needs, that is kindergartens teacher. The Faculty of Kindergarten uses the latest scientific programs and materials in the light of continued support from faculty administration that spares no effort for the progress of the faculty.

The faculty students are put to tests to measure their physical and psychological ability to deal with children under supervision from highly qualified faculty members. The Faculty of Kindergarten developed the Early Intervention Program in addition to the regular program due to the urgent need of the society to a teacher who can deal with our children with learning difficulties. 

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