Faculty of Education for Early Childhood

  • Faculty of Education for Early Childhood
    Faculty of Education for Early Childhood

    Faculty of Education for Early Childhood

  • Faculty of Education for Early Childhood
    Faculty of Education for Early Childhood

    Faculty of Education for Early Childhood

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Dean Word

The Faculty of Education For Early Childhood at Alexandria University is securing a place among distinguished colleges and occupies its deserved place as one of the most important colleges that contribute to the graduation of an important product that society needs, that is kindergartens teacher. The Faculty of Kindergarten uses the latest scientific programs and materials in the light of continued support from faculty administration that spares no effort for the progress of the faculty.

The faculty students are put to tests to measure their physical and psychological ability to deal with children under supervision from highly qualified faculty members. The Faculty of Kindergarten developed the Early Intervention Program in addition to the regular program due to the urgent need of the society to a teacher who can deal with our children with learning difficulties. 

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College was established kindergartens in Alexandria in 1989 the culmination of efforts to promote child Egyptian and prepared to keep pace with the era of information technology so that we can lay the foundations of the State of Civilized is set to regain its position as one of the beacons of science and civilization in the world. And the belief of the University of Alexandria, in turn, broad civilization chose to increase the expansion So I went, scientific wills to seek to establish the rules to include kindergarten Faculty of the University of Alexandria University this giant performed its mission as a beacon of contemporary teacher at home Arab. Decree No. 389 of the 1998 annexation of the Faculty of kindergarten to the University of Alexandria Given the status of the Egyptian child has taken care of the University of Alexandria need to upgrade Child in preschool is not this upgrade only by raising the level of performance Parameters that stage in order to prepare our children a proper setting, which qualifies them to cope with Behind.
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